About Us (關於我們)

Yang Hsing Enterprise Co., LTD. is a family business and  established in 1985 which located at No. 71, Aili Rd., Hemei Township, Changhua County 50846 Taiwan. We have more than 25 years experience in manufacturer  line, today (2018)  will be our third generation running a manufacturing  business,  our main goals are Comfortable  Price, Good Quality, Prompt Delivery and you name it we make it.

We are specialized in textiles / fabric products, such like Webbing, Dress Belt, Safety Belt, S-Belt, Sand Bag / Canvas / Tent and so on.

Bags, such like Backpack / Waist Purse / Tools Pouch / Suitcase for OEM、ODM.

Military Products: We are participating a long-term ( 2012- 2016 ) supply of military products to Ministry of National Defense R.O.C. under tender basic. Products  such like S-belt / Camouflage Net / Cartridge Cloth / Various of military Bag and so on.

Our customer are mainly from Asian countries / China / Oceania   / European Countries / U.S.A. and local market are huge as well.

We are welcome you all to visit our website or make an inquiry by email.

          錫興實業有限公司創立於西元1985年,擁有25年以上的製造經驗,一路來都是家族在經營,至今(2018年),這將是我司的第三代在運行該廠的業務,管理層主要的目標是 1) 舒適的價格、2) 優良的品質、3) 交貨準時及 4) 能滿足您的需求。

          我司專門製造紡織類產品,比如:各式織帶服飾腰帶安全帶S腰帶等五金製品,各種箱、包、袋、 帳篷、帆布OEMODM